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A form of graffiti in which markings are etched into hard surfaces. Particularly prevalent in NYC Subways where Graffiti remover and a "Clean Train" policy have all but eradicated traditional aerosol graffiti.

Considered by many a low form of graffiti as the difficult etching leaves little room for artistic design, scratchiti is often simply block-lettered tags used to promote a particular urban artist or claim territory, or amature copycat work.

Tools employed in the craft are generally keys, knives, and razorblades, but Lava Rocks available at hardware stores, Carbide tipped drill bits, and spark plugs have been reported as tools of choice as well.

Occasionally, detailed etching work is spotted, and is assumed to be done using an apparatus similar to a Dremel Tool.
Many straphangers consider Scratchiti to be a blight on their subway.
by Eric Skiff March 23, 2004

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Term used in service and retail industries, meaning to connect a service or additional product to a product at no immediate cost to the buyer.

This cost is often included (read: hidden) in the base price, but is called out to make the customer feel as though they are getting more than they paid for.
The Local IT shop sells Dell computers at a markup, with the added value of onsite 24/7 service, phone support, and installation.

When you buy a "Set it and forget it," each of the "bonus gifts" you get, the apple slicer, the pairing knife, the butter churner, is a value add.
by Eric Skiff June 07, 2004

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