One of the virginal women in Norse Mythology who searched the battlefields for the souls of dead men fit to become einherjar (pronounced ine-hair-ee-are), which were then taken up to Valhalla (the equivalent of heaven) and trained to fight in the battle of Ragnarok (equivalent of apocalypse). Also served wine and food to the einherjar in the great hall.
an air to air unit in starcraft(broodwar) that attacks with cluster missiles. these match forces with the corsair and the devourer completing the zerg, protoss, and terran triangle for power.
the valkyrie has low damage but with high rate of fire and splash damage
you wouldn't expect it, but a fleet of battle cruisers can be eliminated with a handful of valkyrie's
by scott mawdsley April 26, 2008
the baddest bike made by honda f6 baby
my valkyrie beats the shit out of harleys
by Anonymous August 6, 2003
Amazon - Passive and Magic Skills - lvl30

worst skill you can have at lvl30 in diablo2, the Valkyrie was a total waste of skill points back in patch 1.09. She's a little more resistant un 1.10 but she still sucks.
another amazon killing a Valkyrie with 1 guided
-damn you Valkyrie sucks.. what lvl is she ?
-lvl20 ... lvl35 with +skills
by MagikCoyote October 31, 2004
a big, fat goth chick with lots of cleavage.
"whoa, die you see the valkyrie!"
"yeah, she must weigh three times her skinny corpse painted boy friend!"
by icandoitbetter April 8, 2005
From Old Norse. Literally means "Choosers of the slain." Disir who at Odin or Freyja's command, select the most heroic warriors on the battlefield to die and conduct their souls through the Underworld to Asgard. (They also lead people who have died from other causes other than violent death on the path to Valhalla. They are psycho pomps.) Once there, they serve mead to those who have become Einherjar.

Often seen as riding wild wolves, or in some accounts soaring though the air like a raven scavenging for souls; Valkyries are beautiful shieldmaidens armed with helmets and spears. Although beautiful, they are war-like. Names of Valkyries often mean 'raging', 'shrieking', 'screaming', etc...

See Asatru, Heathen, Odinism
If you see a Valkyrie, it means only one thing, you're going to die.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006