The worship of the Norse God Odin; someone who is primarily dedicated to Odin. Can sometimes, but not always, be used interchangeably with Asatru and Heathen. Odinism is a polytheistic religion; even though the focus is often on Odin, other of the Aesir and Vanir are somerimes worshiped as well. It is not a Neo-Pagan or New Age religion. Odinism is an ancient indigenous religion of Northern Europe that predates more well known religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism; and Islam and Christianity who are but mere babies in contrast.
There are Asatruar and Odinists who feel that they are the same religion, while many others who feel that Asatru and Odinism have distinct differences.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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The basic fact that Odin is a fucking bad ass and you totally want him to be your God. The dude has one eye, was impailed by his spear for 9 days, and he has fucking ravens as pets...seriously? How much more bad ass can you get? The religion is based off the sole fact of screaming loudly and epically into the sky (while shaking your fists) to Odin for whatever you want. (Usually weather realated.)
Example of Odinism at work:
Greg: "Dude, Odin isn't real."
Jordan: "Oh yeah? (While shaking fists to sky) ODIN BRING FORTH A RAIN STORM!"
*later that day at a football game*
Greg: "Holy shit it's fucking raining like crazy!"
Jordan: "Damn straight."
by OneWingedAngelJ August 20, 2010
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When a person or animal shits/poos/excretes on the ground or other surface and then proceeds to smear or roll in it.

Reason being unknown. It's disgusting to say the least
Yeah my mates dog suffers from odinism, likes to roll in its own shit for some reason so it stays outside now
by vedyfactualfacts February 5, 2018
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Badass Norse god dude. Has one eye because he sacrificed one to drink from the Well of Wisdom and know everything. Was impaled on his spear, Gugnir, for nine days, and was given the Futhark (Runes). He also has two ravens that sit on his shoulders and fly around looking at things and telling him about them.

Odin is also a complete and total hardass who was hung from a tree thousands of years before Jesus made it cool. He can outdrink anyone except Thor, and likes to get together with his Germanic doppelganger Wotan and play darts. Is cooler than Muhammed and Ganesh and all those people.
Odin can beat up your god.
by Vukodlak October 28, 2006
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Odin is the All-Father deity in the Norse Pantheon (What the Vikings/Scandinavians believed in before converted by Christian Missionaries)

He is son of Bor and Bestla, brother to Vili and Ve. Each of them has a specific meaning to their name, Odin's being Spirit.

Often depicted as an older man with a long hair and a long beard, Odin wears a large brimmed hat to cover up his missing eye, and holds a futhark laden spear, Gungnir; a spear forged by dwarves that never misses its target. Odin also sometimes wears a fancy winged helmet.

Odin lost his eye when he sacrificed it to drink from the well at the base of the world tree, Yggdrasil for ultimate wisdom. In return, he gained unimaginable wisdom and his remaining eye glows as bright as the sun.

Odin gained his knowledge of Runes from hanging nine days from a branch of Yggdrasil, stabbed with his own spear Gungnir. At the end of these nine days he had seen the runes (Futhark) and learned nine songs.

The All-Father resiedes on his throne Hlidskjalf in the hall Valaskjalf in Asgard, with his wife Frigga, his two ravens Huginn & Muninn (Thought and Memory), his two wolves Freki & Geri, and his mighty eight-legged horse and steed Sliepnir.

He is the All-Father of Asgard, the Hall of the Gods. He is the God of War, Wisdom, Poetry, and death. He makes the wisest of the dead speak to him in order for him to learn.

Odin is also master of the Valkyries, beautiful but deadly warrior maidens who bring the mightiest and most honorable of the slain to Valhalla, where they become Einherjer and await for the final battle at Ragnarok.

Odin is the father of many others, including Vali, Vidar, Tyr, Balder,Hermod, and Hod to name a few.

During the final battle, Odin will lead all the Gods, the Valkyries, and the Einherjer into Ragnarok. He will fight the colossal and unnatural wolf Fenrir, where he will be killed. Upon his death, his son Vidar, God of Silence and Revenge, will stick his iron boot into the wolf's jaws, and with a mighty pull, tear the wolf's head in two.
Nine long days did Odin hang, Pierced by his spear as sharp as a fang, free of fear and staring into oblivion, did the runes then come. Futhark they were, and 18 strong, from fire and from ice, the magic begun.
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The epitome of peak male performance. The god given athleticism, the unnatural mathematical ability, the fucking iconic, sexy, looks. He has it all. Odin’s mere existence creates a sense of reality that you will never be the best at anything, only second. His pure dominance in every single thing he does in unmatchable by any mortal, let alone scrawny math kid. Odin is swarmed with coochie and is extremely popular amongst all the milfs. Overall, Odin is a once in a lifetime type of special, and all precautions should be taken to understand you will never be able to match Odin’s swag.
Weeb: OMG who is that overwhelmingly attractive guy over there with the super cool bowl cut.
Wise Weeb: That’s Odin, he pretty much has it all. Don’t worry, everyone’s jealous.
by Not-Odin November 7, 2018
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He is sure to be a funny guy. Alot of girls like him! If you date an Odin then you are lucky, your gonna be really happy you said yes. Odin is a really cute guy too! More of the popular girls will ask you why you like him. Odin is very out going and silly. He is very smart. He is very caring etc. You are very lucky if you meet an Odin.
Me:wow he is cute

Jenna: he must be an Odin
by Sah dude2000005 July 26, 2016
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