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the act of losing your v-card. doing IT. complete penial penetration. the horizontal mamba. when your grandma says 'it that what you kids are calling it these days'. a.k.a your virginity.
s says: m are you kidding me?! you lost your valinity???!!

m says: who hasn't these days?

s says: whore.
by hottalias. August 02, 2011
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something, sometimes in the air, that is the glue that binds the universe (much like peanut butter)
"God damn, Ricky! Ya'll be schrimdela-bimbo in tha hizzle, all stumbly bumbly and what not... it just aint got no valinity to it. Ya must be dumber than a god damn box of rocks, man. Fuckin' A, man!"
by SharkBoy11 January 02, 2009
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