Billy Ray Cyrus (born William Ray Cyrus; August 25, 1961)1 is a Grammy Award-nominated American country music singer, songwriter and actor from Flatwoods, Kentucky, best known for his Number One single "Achy Breaky Heart." Cyrus, a multi-platinum selling recording artist, has scored a total of eight top-ten singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His most successful album to date is the debut of Some Gave All, which has been certified 9× Multi-Platinum in the United States. The album also has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. In his career, he has released 29 charted singles, of which 15 charted in the Top 40.

From the year 2001 to 2004, Cyrus starred in the television show Doc. The show was about a country doctor who moved from Montana to New York City. In late 2005, he also began to co-star in the Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana, with daughter Miley Cyrus. The show has been on the air for three seasons.

Miley cyrus: daddy! that was great lesbo sex.. but why do you have a vagina?? instead of a penis?

Billy ray cyrus: gee I dont know.. I think my penis shriveled and died when i realeased my one hit wonder!!! "ackey breaky heart"
by Joe Sh!t the rag man December 29, 2008
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The thing that is man's most favorite thing.

Something men play with on the weekends.
Last Saturday Nicole and I had sex and I licked her vagina.
by Nom Nom babies January 16, 2011
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Something I haven't gotten in a while.
Hey, how's the vagina? I wouldn't know you jerk.
by William T Bash August 24, 2005
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V.A.G.I.N.A. - Very Appealing Gap In Nested Area
Men often initiate verbal communication with a woman (in the NFL off season) because she possesses a VAGINA. ({})
by fiberoptimist January 26, 2008
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Female genitalia.

When aroused, swells and produces a filmy, whitish lubricant.

Contains a number of nerve endings, none more senstive than the clitoris, an organ a part of the vagina that is formed from the same tissue as the head of the male penish.

Stretchable. Consequently, the wider the penis inserted, the more pleasurable for the woman. However, this is not an elastic wasteband, most women prefer a fairly broad diameter equivalent to that of a fairly thick cucumber.

Approximately six inches deep, sometimes more or less depending on the woman. Suffice to say, the value of a long penis dimishes after 8 inches or when lacking in depth.

Exit for a baby.
He had a 12 inch swizzle stick and kept ramming his fingers in my vagina. Next time I'll just use a dildo.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
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The vagina is a buggy, often catastrophically so, feature of the Female Edition of the Human Being version 1.0. After approximately 13 to 16 years of proper operation, the vagina becomes problematic and starts failing periodically (no pun intended) around once a month. This in turn leads to the corruption (often permanent) of the mental faculties of the host. Whenever this happens, the individual in question is commonly referred to as "a bitch."

It is widely expected by pundits and pollsters alike that the vagina will be either entirely removed or fixed by the next release of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. When asked about any current patches to resolve this issue in existing organisms, Evolution clearly stated that it has "no resources available at the moment." In addition, it was widely made known by Nature that the vagina was a design decision "not fully thought-out." As a result, humanity has suffered the devastating consequences, on a roughly monthly basis.
Jennifer is really furious today, and is acting completely incoherently; it must be her vagina again.
by The Pope April 05, 2005
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