A sacred portal through which all light, goodness, rejuvenation, joy and ecstasy may enter the human form.
That woman has a vagina.
by Mike the Ekim May 04, 2006
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1. the reason life exists

2. a source of addiction for even the most tough minded men

3. a tool used by women to control men and force them to submit to their insane demands

4. the only place a penis truly feels at home

5. the only thing that makes life worth living
Offspring are the involuntary bi-product of man's insatiable appetite for the vagina.
by muffdiver1000 August 20, 2009
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vagina is the gate to heaven
the penis is the key to unlock the gate of heaven (vagina)
by 1234567890 April 20, 2005
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The female pleasure center and reproductive tool, whose needs men mistakenly believe they can satisfy while their women fake contentment and sneak into the bathroom later to find the real thing.
Maria stroked her lonely vagina consolingly.
by LorettaLee January 12, 2012
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