A person who your trying to avoid but sucks you back into talking to them repeatedly.
"Dude Ashley is such a vaccum to you!"

"Ugh I know, I promised myself I wouldnt talk to her but I couldnt help it!"
by Rachiebabe340 June 30, 2011
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One who sucks face with someone, to the point of swallowing his or her head.
Did you see Nichole in the hallway with her boyfriend? What a vaccume!
by theonewiththeface April 29, 2009
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when you havin sex and your nuts slip in and it goes from pleasure to pain
Guy: Hey a heard you got vaccumed last night
Guy2: Yeah...
by creeth August 5, 2015
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To suck on a persons balls or breasts, to suck up like a vaccum.
I like vaccuming my girlfriend every night in the bed. (oh yeah..)
by S W June 11, 2005
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expression used to describe an individual or place that removes all decent conversation from a social gathering.
"Don't invite Callum to the party, he's such a chat vaccum."

"Don't go to that party, it will be a complete chat vaccum"
by Duncan Innes January 9, 2008
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