Man: Hey when is the train coming? Girl: 3:50 Man: Thank you. Girl: uw (as in not in real life its an example people in texting)
by tntrent April 08, 2019
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The University of Washington aka the best college on the planet. Home of the Huskies . Future bosses of Wazzu grads. If you see someone sportin purple and gold they're probably smarter, sexier, and better than you.
"That Wazzu grad is baggin that UW grad's groceries. Haha, loser."
by Ben Davis March 10, 2005
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In irc chat, uw means "you are welcome"
n00b: excuse me, i need the new version of h4x0r s0ftw4r3 ... where can i download it?
n00b: k thx! nice website!
h4x0r: np, uw
by kbs_ March 05, 2008
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1. Nickname; University of Washington, Seattle.

2. Bunch of punk bitches. Bag cougars' groceries at numerous Quality Food Centers. Also engage in janitorial work at Fred Meyer.
Despite earning a number 1 seed in to the NCAA tournament, the UW basketball team biffed it hard and was destroyed in the third round.

UW grads clean them floors good!

WSU 28, UW 25.
by Butch T. Cougar June 07, 2005
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For use in the NYC Metropolitan area; Manhattan specifically. It means Upper West Side (of Manhattan.)
That night spot I mentioned is situated near 86th street and Columbus Ave on the UWS.
by sahmad July 11, 2005
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Acronym: University of Wasted Space (aka University of Western Sydney)
Referring to the inverse proportion between the size of the campus and the quality of education.
Gary saw the endless bounds of Penrith Campus and realised why they called this place the University of Wasted Space.

Harry graduated from UWS, but realised that 9000m away - outside of the campus - nobody cares...
by komisha April 19, 2008
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Common British abbreviation: Undoubtedly well endowed. Mostly used when adverting to the size of human male primary sexual characteristics.
Two girls watching the gymnastics world cup. "Wow, see this guy in his tights over there? He's so Uwe." "Yeah, totally!"
by Jeff Clever February 05, 2010
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