Washable is a term used to describe a person, a place, a thing, or an idea (a noun). It basically means that something can be changed or portrayed differently. Something that is washable includes videos, music, books, or even people.
The seasons are washable.
by danny low February 21, 2009
A sexually transmitted disease that is curable.
"You have WHAT?!", "Its okay the clap is totally machine washable."
by shabbitz October 12, 2008
Yo, you hear dat new Mr. Washable track?

Yeah, that shit sucked.

I know.
by Mr. Washable October 16, 2008
A glue that is particularily useful in classroom situations and art crafts. It is geard towards younger children because of its ability to be washed off a surface it does not belong. Teenagers also have discovered its ability to be "too good".
Man that Elmer's Washable Glue. It's just too good!
by DiscoveriesInROP March 27, 2016