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A legendary man who started a revolutionary business at one time. Now it stands for a corrupt bullshit establishment full of people who have no idea how to manage people let alone a business.
"I found everything on my list at Fred Meyer," said Ben. "Well, I lost my soul while working there. Was that available for sale yet?", said Jon.
by J. Bosshart April 30, 2008
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Retail center better than Target or Wal-Mart because all their employees are unionized, get much better pay and benefits.
Their food is substantially higher quality than that of Wal-Mart and they carry name brand clothing and electronics. Employees are treated like
human beings and can't be fired without just cause.
Often called Freddy's, named after founder Fred G. Meyer.
Hey, I didn't work on Christmas and Fred Meyer is closed that day, but I still got paid for it.

Lets go to Freddy G's I got time to waste.

Kroger bought us out but I guess it could be worse!

I've never heard of Vizio, Viore, AOC, Sansui, or Haier before, but lets take a chance anyways! Afterall, Satisfaction is Guaranteed at Wal-Mart!
by Kristy1982 February 01, 2009
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(v.) When pulling out of anus after anal sex and there is feces on the end of your penis. (When you go in and come out with more than you went in with)
Dude, Stacy and I finally hooked up last night, and I looked down and relaized she gave me a total fred meyer.
by Billie the Turtle August 29, 2016
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