The Manhattan neighborhood west of the upper (59th street) and lower (110th street) bounds of Central Park. Between the Upper East Side and Park Slope in character. Its 220,000 residents (although best understood by Avenue/subdivision of the neighborhood) are:
- White and often Jewish, some blacks and hispanics (most heavily on Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue north of 86th street), Asians over-represented but not hugely
- Upper-middle class, lawyers, doctors, bankers (though fewer of the ultra-elite top .01% than the Upper East Side) successful writers, artists, musicians who tend to be more established/less cutting-edge and in their 30s or older (and if younger, they're more often than not associated in some way with Columbia University)
- Fairly mixed, though the wealthiest tend to be on Central Park West (esp. the closer to 59th street) Riverside Drive & West End Avenue (most esp. in the 70s, but throughout)
- Family-oriented & responsible, lots of kids, not too many people in their 20s
- Internationally aware and oriented
- Often entitled, though many are aware of it. Cultured, well-educated, quick to make it known. Perhaps highest New Yorker and New York Times readership per capita anywhere. Standard-bearers of liberal establishment. Stodgier and less at the cultural forefront than they'd like to believe. Not arrogant, but pleased with themselves, can come off as obnoxious. Take privilege somewhat for granted. Overall good people.
Sheila is the prototype Upper West Side mom: She's a half-Jewish, half-WASP, Ivy-educated lawyer married to a doctor, she's got two kids in a stroller who are going to a good private school, orders from Fresh Direct but makes constant trips to Zabar's, North Face fleece and New Balance running shoes, goes to regular dinner parties and the kids' school functions, likes work and is successful but always balances it with family life
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The best place to live in NYC. Just as rich but not as snobby as the east side of Manhattan.
by westie May 21, 2005
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Neighborhood in uptown Manhattan that is full of wealthy families and quiet old Jewish people. Like the Upper East Side but not as snobby and obnoxious.
The Upper West Side is a wonderful place to live.
by panda9877 March 17, 2017
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A neighborhood in Manhattan that thinks it is less snobby/wealthy than the Upper East Side, when in fact it's EXACTLY THE SAME.
"Yo, is that person from the Upper East side?"

"Dunno, either that or the Upper West Side, I can't tell"
by ben1 August 24, 2005
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An inferior version of the Upper East Side. It is for retards, like Michael Moore.
East Side baby! New York for life! I'm never moving to boring Long Island/Connecticut!!!
by Jared March 24, 2005
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between 60th and 116th streets on the west side of new york city, clearly it is the best place to live. definately NOT as snobby and obnoxious as the upper east side.
theres a party on the upper west side tonight...must be good.
by heck yes. April 26, 2005
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The upper west side is if not the BEST place to resid in NYC!!! It is beautiful, has beautiful people, and yes..i admit they are extremly rich or nuavo rich..but hey it is full of rich families. Just because you live there does not mean you are snobby. I attend a prep school, live in a penthouse suite with my own doorman on the UWS- and i am not snobby at all. I am a prep, and a true preppy isn't snobby. We are just unapproached and that is a common miscoseption about preppies..
The upper west side is one of the best places you'll ever go in your life! It roxz and if you can afford to live there you should, ITS the BEST part of the whole of Manhattan , actually in NYC..Come visit us!
by Talan May 12, 2006
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