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WSU has always been known as a party school. Located in Pullman there is nothing around but you and other students so drinking is a must. Cougs were among the first to discover 4 loco's and they quickly replaced busch light(Pullman water) as the offical drink of WSU. It is said WSU coined the phrase blackout in a can for four loco's
Wsu student: were you blacked last night?
WSU female: When I drink I drink to get blacked, If I dont black its not a good night
by pullmang December 23, 2010
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party school of the North West. Greatest "Educational" facilities in the fucking world. Where dreams are made and bitches get laid. Puts Washington on the map. What happens at Washington........... stays in your blood for up to thirty days :)
Hey man did u go to WSU last weekend. Yeah and Im still getting calls from ramdom white girls, claiming i have their boyfriends jacket
by CrazyLegsProductions October 19, 2008
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Large Eastern Washington high school with an unusually high percentage of students requiring free and reduced lunches.
Horatio- " Someone from WSU got into Evergreen State College. WSU is movin' up in the world."
by flavorfulcracker July 10, 2008
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The Whore and Slut University. Hence: WSU. These assclowns all major in Beer Pong and re-use party cups. This is one of the major causes of all the disease that is spread around. The other is obviously the lack of use for condoms. If you have a 1.5 GPA, you are almost guaranteed admission to the ZZU. In other words, if you were to take an obese pig, a retarded monkey, a diseased dog and a chicken that has a loose vagina and combined all 4 together, you would get WAZZU, aka the ZZU aka the slums of Washington.
WSU "student" Fred: "What's a condom Billy?"
WSU "student" Billy: "I think it's beer."
WSU "student" Fred: "Oh hell yeah!!! lets drink condoms!"
by Mikie Tysonn bro boi January 30, 2014
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