Doing something that is normally dorky and nerdish with complete bossness and swag.
Person 1~"Dude, did you see Matt pick up that chick with a math joke?"

Person 2~"Yeah hes forreal Urkeling...."
by MattMizzle! January 25, 2012
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If you see a black guy in glasses, call him An Urkel, not his actual name.
by Dr Cats PhD June 25, 2011
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Now the question is who is Dick Urkel? Is he the man or the hammer...? Or the cauldron ? He is actually the creator and narrator of the game Getting over it(with Dick Urkel). He's an asshole and will tell you random quotes while you're raging playing this godforsaken game and want to kill yourself. He's also famous for being in a videogamedunkey video.
"This is gonna be one of those games where the fucking guy talks over the whole time isn't it ?"
"The only way this game is good is if you get to beat the fucking guy to death with the hammer. The guy who keeps talking."
"Fucking Dick Urkel piece of shit game!"
by bipedal December 04, 2019
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Purple Urkel is a clone-only strain that seems to be the rage among medical clubs and cannabis connoisseurs. This purple strain is a parent plant to many purple marijuana plants. The strain has shades of purple and is very popular amongst the weed community. The taste is very sweet when smoked. It turns an amazing purple late in bloom, possesses the most amazing grape/lavender flavor and gives a nice strong stone.

Commonly misspelled as Purple Erkle/Erkel, Urkle

This strain is also known as Lavender in many areas.
Kevin: Yo, lets get fucked up.

David: My nigga got that fire Purple Urkel bud. Shit will get you fucked up. Dank as hell!!

Kevin: We OUUUUT!
by 718phenom January 23, 2010
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Steven Urkel's very cool alter ego. After years of being the world's most renowned nerd, Steven Urkel finally used his scientific prowess to create something useful. Steven Urkel created a machine which could transform him into a cool ass guy who actually got laid. Within a few episodes he started macking his ugly neighbor Laura, who he had been chasing for years. That self righteous superficial bitch finally fell for him and he began hittin' it steady. His invention however could not change or mask his voice. Even after transforming from Steven Urkel to Stephan Urkelle, he still sounded like he had a hot wheel in each nostril.
Steven Urkel: "Did I do that?"

Stephan Urkelle: "Yeah I did it, and you love it."
by Izzy1979 August 19, 2006
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Jacking off while looking in a mirror when you're dressed as Steve Urkel.
As I was getting for Halloween dressed as Steve Urkel, I busted a quick Urkel Jerk.
by Satans Buttpussy January 21, 2011
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-verb: a short, jab-like strike to the breast. Primarily used to discipline; but can also be used in BDSM. Named for 'Family Matters' star Jaleel White (better known as Steve Urkel) who was once accused of punching a woman's breast implant.

-noun: an act or instance of Urkel Punching.
(v) I knew she liked it rough, but I was shocked when she demanded to be Urkel Punched.

(n) Expecting the Chris Brown treatment, she covered her face in fear, leaving herself completely susceptible to the Urkel Punch.
by f'd August 03, 2010
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