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Kaitlin: I look up words on just to do it.
Mark: That's nerdish.
by xdoylex June 20, 2008
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Basically hooking up wit someone but you ain't tryna let no one know who it is. IF YOU LET PEOPLE KNOW IT AINT NO SNEAKY LINK 🧍 🧍 ♀️.
" My sneaky link REARRANGED me last night y'all don't even know 😫"

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"Are you dumb why'd you think I'd tell you their name? Dumbass it's called sneaky link for a reason."
by Doja's simp April 09, 2021
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The state of looking, or appearing to be, a nerd.
Man 1: Wow, he plays a lot of MMORPGs and voted for Ron Paul.
Woman 1: Is it possible to be more nerdish?
by Ian & Zoe November 04, 2008
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Similar to a fetish, but describing an obsession or great interest.

1. John has a complete Star Wars nerdish.

2. "Jane can't come to the dance because she's studying for
her math test a week in advance."
"Yeah. She does seem to have a bit of a math nerdish."
by drummindave5 April 07, 2009
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To be highly attracted to someone of a β€œnerd” stereotype. To be attracted to skinny, awkward people with glasses and goofy laugher. To be attracted to ones intelligence but, still go weak in the knees at the sight of their β€œnerdy excitement”.
Tiffany has developed a nerdish daydream of her new coworker.
by keeperspell November 23, 2018
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