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An awesome youtuber, known for playing LoL and Super Mario 64.
"That is just downright darius" "YOU SET ME UP!" "Bake me a cake, bake me a cake" "When I think of the League Of Legends community i envision just this enormous flock of geese drifting across the sky on a sunlit beach, searching for a fish dinner for two. And I say to the birds, come on, come on little fella, come on." - videogamedunkey
by CheenisBlast June 25, 2013
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A semi-famous youtuber who has a mildly crude-- yet funny sense of humor, with the use of mild sarcasm and witty sentences. Gets most of his subscribers to the famous youtuber: PaperBatVG. He (in my biased opinion) deserves the views because he is dedicated to what he does and he loves what he does.

He brings entertainment to all that wants it.
"Did you hear? PaperBatVG gave VideoGameDunkey most of his subscribers, he deserved it though!"
by V O X Populi September 14, 2011
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