To urk means to have a hankering or desire. Possibly deriving from the word urge.
Im urking for a cherry shell covered vanilla icecream really bad!! Once I get one I am going to mac on that goodness all the way to the beach.
by Cindy D. June 16, 2008
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a fucking dumbfuck. you say im gonna urk on ur face if you dont shut the fuck up dickhole.

bro kyle im gonna fucking urk on ur face you dickweed if you dont shut the fuck up.

KYLE: Shut up you fucking garon
by TheTrewJEw January 04, 2007
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Something that is really, really annoying. Like when my brother tells me something isn't spelled right.
See, I told you it was spelled urked.
by rhiannonrae August 13, 2005
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The sound made by an individual when they hear something but cannot quite believe it to be true, due to its shocking nature. It is a designed to sound "what?" but also shocked like "ahhh!"
Brownie - I just received a very deep papercut to the tip of my penis
Matt - URK?!?!?!
by Browners07 February 26, 2005
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-to annoy, irritate, or "push someone's buttons"

-urking: to be annoying or mad
example: "why you be urking me" "you urking bro?" "this be urking me" "are you really gonna urke me?!"
by June 09, 2014
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it is irritating or annoying you.

Also spelled Irking
My daughter is Urking my nerves when she doesn't answer her cell phone.
by Nacirema February 29, 2016
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My cat urked on my laptop's keyboard, and now it's not working. (true story)
by Reesa3232 May 07, 2015
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