To be visibly afraid or creeped out by an event
We watched the McPherson tape last night and i was urked down to my very core
by Mulpeterob May 04, 2011
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Some Dutch town with more dead fish than people. Also, the people are mostly fish. The Urkers can get very upset if you talk about 'in Urk' instead of 'at Urk'. Very, very, very upset. The town has it's own dialect, which no-one can understand.
Do you know anyone who lives at Urk?
by Stavorius May 26, 2015
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Is annoyed or irritated by a certain person or thing
You are urking my nerves so much it hurts my brain.
by Momo1999 August 13, 2016
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A black nerd or a geek.
Steve Urkel. Anybody with a friend that is unhip but you still hang out with.
by Stephan Ur-kel October 16, 2005
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(1)bullsh*tting around when it can cost,hurt you or not be in your best interest.
(2)fumbling around.
(4)f*cking off
Discovered in Florida by a guy on the treasure coast by the name of Boobie.
He was urking and jerking, thats why he went to jail.
by Hood Definition August 05, 2009
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