to piss someone off.
when someone pisses you off: "don't urk me boy!"
by fugee March 14, 2008
to annoy or bother someone deeply.
Gurl numba 1: grrrrrrr i don't like ha
Gurl numba 2: why not? she's nice....
Gurl numba 1: she just urks me..something about her just annoys me
Gurl numba 2: ok
by craziichikka February 15, 2010
means to irritate someone. I love to believe that it's derived from Steve Urkel.
God, that Urkel boy urks me so bad I wanna scratch his glasses out.
by dilek April 6, 2010
the feeling you get that can only be described as being urked
person 1: her entitlement urks me
person 2: when guys are creepy it urks me
by fuckith meith November 10, 2020
the sound one makes when surprised while drinking a
large cup of coffee- and as a result, having the
coffee go up one's nose.
by FJ September 16, 2003
Dont urk him out
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
To urk means to have a hankering or desire. Possibly deriving from the word urge.
Im urking for a cherry shell covered vanilla icecream really bad!! Once I get one I am going to mac on that goodness all the way to the beach.
by Cindy D. June 16, 2008