Something that is really, really annoying. Like when my brother tells me something isn't spelled right.
See, I told you it was spelled urked.
by rhiannonrae August 13, 2005
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To be visibly afraid or creeped out by an event
We watched the McPherson tape last night and i was urked down to my very core
by Mulpeterob May 04, 2011
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to piss someone off.
when someone pisses you off: "don't urk me boy!"
by fugee March 13, 2008
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The sound made by an individual when they hear something but cannot quite believe it to be true, due to its shocking nature. It is a designed to sound "what?" but also shocked like "ahhh!"
Brownie - I just received a very deep papercut to the tip of my penis
Matt - URK?!?!?!
by Browners07 February 26, 2005
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-to annoy, irritate, or "push someone's buttons"

-urking: to be annoying or mad
example: "why you be urking me" "you urking bro?" "this be urking me" "are you really gonna urke me?!"
by June 09, 2014
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to annoy or bother someone deeply.
Gurl numba 1: grrrrrrr i don't like ha
Gurl numba 2: why not? she's nice....
Gurl numba 1: she just urks me..something about her just annoys me
Gurl numba 2: ok
by craziichikka February 14, 2010
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it is irritating or annoying you.

Also spelled Irking
My daughter is Urking my nerves when she doesn't answer her cell phone.
by Nacirema February 29, 2016
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