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A handsome guy. He will never turn down a fight if it is for a good reason. Will fall in love with a beautiful girl. It will be love at first sight. The girl will be younger with a great sense of humor. He is a hard worker with an athletic ability.
Garon is an amazing guy that is worthy of a beautiful girl.
by Madelyn's January 05, 2014
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A rare breed with quality hair, usually red. He can be extremely quite but if he is interested in something he can talk for days. He is a very hard worker and very dedicated to what he does. Usually attractive and smart. He will do anything for the people he loves. All around awesome dude.
"Do you know Garon? If not you definitely should! What an all around awesome dude!!"
by Bookcorn98 September 17, 2017
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Don't ask about this kid..... he's that one kid you know deep inside he's a school shooter. He's talks about edgy memes and the holocaust constantly. He has no standards when it comes to girls.
"Garon... yeah he's a weird kid"
by Idkanamesooof December 29, 2017
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