Ultimate Porn Star.
Acting too much smart,showing off to opposite sex,saying stories of Sexual achievements made in bed.
Another story by UPS again?
by Caldevil June 17, 2008
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Urban Pharmaceutical Serviceman
-Those who practice supplying and distrubuting various drugs effeciantly through out the urban community without license or degree.
I'ma hit the UPS for some christmas trees.
I'ma be a UPS as soon as i can up on some__.
by Da Farmasyst January 05, 2011
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A name for a gang of prepubescent teenagers, usually means United Pussy Suckers, or United Pot Smokers.
Dude I took an the UPS and I kicked their prebuscent asses.
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
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Refers to "Uptowns," the particularly NY name for Nike Airforce Ones (as only those uptown tended to wear them)
Can I get a pair of white ups, size 13?
by HipHop Messiah February 24, 2006
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to run or leave
that nigga was ups when them g's came looking for him
by Monkey January 31, 2004
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