Australian slang meaning "shut the fuck up" mostly used with the word "cunt" to make "fuck up cunt"

mainly used by bogans and crackheads
"your Mum is a fucking slut you disabled fuck!"

"fuck up cunt!"
by Sodanic April 23, 2019
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A failure at everything, total loser, unable to do anything right
by Barry... how ironic? March 28, 2003
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To mess things up; to make the same mistake repeatedly
He has cheated on her countless times; he is such a fuck up.
by Lacp May 1, 2015
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Someone who is useless at life. They usually screw everything up without even trying.
Dave: "what happens when If I touch this?"
Person 1: "it doesn't matter, just don't do it"
Dave: "oh god, I broke it"
Person 1: "I just told you not to touch it...Fuck up!"
by lolololololrofl July 14, 2008
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To always mess up even after promising he/she would.
Synonym of 'fuck up' is ' Shashwat Poddar'.
by Iseethat January 19, 2019
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when you make a bad mistake (huge big or medium) or when you accidentally think back in your past and embarrassing moments come up
Example #1:
Rachel: *backstabs her innocent sweet friend Anne*
Anne: Rachel what had you done, you really did a humongous fuck up.

Example #2:
Jared: *thinks back in his past*
Past: *him cheating on his innocent girlfriend of 5 years with her hoe friend*
Jared: Damn, i really fucked up bad
by Wolfie&ChavoWolf May 28, 2020
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