Hype. Showing that you are pleased by whatever was said
Man: Hey, I'm going to a concert this weekend.
Friend: Up, that sounds awesome
by Bennetth June 07, 2016
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The direction facing away from the field of gravity that most affects the traveler.
The elevator took us up to the seven-and-a-half floor.
by Brett April 07, 2004
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The direction above you, unless you are upside down.
Man, I was just sitting there and I was like, "Man, when I look up I see the sky."
by IndieBllue July 01, 2012
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- Universal Pollution
- Ultimate Pollution

Describing someone who is polluting the earth with his face. (Same as V.P- Visual Pollution)
He is such a U.P..
Stop polluting the Earth, U.P.!
by Universal Pollutants October 11, 2018
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