The best shipping service. Uber Parcel Service.
I wanted something quick, so I chose UPS. None of that white and green fedex shit.
by AcneBrain July 13, 2004
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A Brown Nazi who delivers things to you. Such as Dildo's and other nice products.
When will that Brown Nazi arrive at my door so I can get my getto box.
by The Shankster September 09, 2004
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Establishment created by Mac Daddy Jaramy Williams, and co-creator George Hoefer, The United Pimps Service. UPS was created to unite all the pimps of the world, kind of like a union of pimps, a legion if you will. A member of the UPS has his god-given right to do what a pimps gotta do, including slapping a hoe, smacking a bitch, or lookin fly.
Hey Tito, I just became a pimp last night, do you think you can get me into the UPS this weekend, so i can get my bitchin benifits?
by George Hoefer March 09, 2005
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1. Un-Protected sex.

2. A company that is nowhere near as good as FedEx
Richard: How did your date go last night?
Mike: My UPS delivery is going to arrive in nine months.

Paul: My UPS package is taking for to get here.
Ryan: You should have used FedEx.
by jatkins May 04, 2007
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