Angus has been living large since he won the lotto.
by Tom December 3, 2004
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To live off of welfare and be able to have a cook-out monday thru friday for an entire month. Being able to work for 3 months and collecting unemployment for 2 years. Finally, being able to have a bigger shoe collection than most women.
What do yo want to be when you grow up Juan?

Juan- I want to be able to wear a brand new pair of jordans every day, have a cook-out everyday, and get me some free money from the govenment for doing nothing. I want to be living large.
by Pedro Ezpinoza Rockford, IL December 28, 2011
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the dickiest thing that someone could say. mostly fuckboys.
michael is “living large”
by fuckboy69420 March 1, 2019
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The Ferengi version (parody?) of the Vulcan salute: "Live Long and Prosper". Just what any self-respecting Ferengi *should* be doing. @^_^@
"Live Long And Prosper?! Forget that--Live Large And Profit!!!"
by droolingfanboy1967 May 13, 2009
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Spending a absolutely unnecessarily amount of money of accessories or wasteful unneeded items
Hey man I just bought a 55 million dollar house, I’m living large!
by Semmigination June 4, 2022
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