a term given to someone who shows no self respect for themself and will act out for attendtion by doing usuless acts of debortary.
that guy is such a keepin'
by dr tony October 18, 2009
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To maintain a street attitude and live a chill, yet aggressive lifestyle.
Guy 1: Hey man, how you been?
Guy 2: Oh you know, just keepin' it streets...
Guy 1: Fo Sho
by Dallas Cloud October 25, 2007
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Continue to do what you've always done.
You just have to keep on, keepin' on until you've acheived your goal.
by Okie Babe August 3, 2006
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Going out to a bar or nightclub for the evening, but staying close to home.
Brian: Hey Chris, are you headed downtown later?

Chris: Nah, I'm just keepin it local tonight, I don't feel like driving that far.
by qtpie74pcs January 11, 2009
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The act of staying hard and true in a situation where lesser men would falter. In situations either too mundane or too extreme for the average punk, a true gangsta stays hard and has it his way.

See also: Keeping it real.
That mark thought I would just move out of the way into the right lane when he tailed me in traffic. But I was keepin it gangsta; I brake-checked his ass and almost bent his whip.
by thesultanofscud December 16, 2008
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1. A person who is on the 'look-out' for police or passengers when performing an illegal operation, usually standing outside.

2. A Local Ska-Punk band from missisauga, Ontario who has just released their 2007 debut studio album 'Uncensored'
Make sure to be Keepin' 6 while I go inside this guys house and pop a cap in his ass.

when you're smoking a fat blunt outside in public, always be keepin' 6 for popo's

Keepin' 6 are playing tonight in Brantford, let's skank the place up

Did you buy keepin' 6 new album? it's worth every penny.

by WhySoSerious1989 May 8, 2008
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When your girl trusts you enough to let you cum inside her for the 1st time. It's a play on the phrase "Keepin it 100" and comes the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where they say "Come inside, it's fun inside." M.M.C. in roman numerals is 2100
Josh: My girls keeps it 100 and never lies to me, she'll be a good wife one day.
Justin: Well my girl is keepin it 2100 and let's me bust a nut inside ever since I told her I love her on Valentine's day
by Da B.E.A.S.T. February 8, 2017
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