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A type of badge you get for doing something stupid or rude.
I just got a thug life badge for doing stupid & rude.
by Black Knight July 27, 2015
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a team of very short and very hairy people that have unusually large feet. they have been spotted sitting in a corner booth at KBobs. they are known to be armed with wine glasses and empty wine bottles. if you see them walk away or you will find yourself being asked to shave their palms. they are often seen with galavanting with a family of six amazingly good looking people known as the Polk's. if you see them all out and about together, turn and walk the other way....you will not be able to understand the language that they speak.
hairy booty
hairy palm
big feet
extremely long toenails

brunkenhoefer toes
by Black Knight January 3, 2014
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The dopest rapper in the history of rap itself.A rapper with so much game,he's the new national past time,with shoes so pink hello kitty hired him on as a consultant to try and get their colors right.
Blam blam check the handstand/ see cam with the bam bam/ walk up in the deli/ yo i'll take a ham sand.
by Black Knight September 1, 2004
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(Noun): Crip Killer Rider (or Crip Killer Riders for plural) is a Blood gang member or members who rides and kill Crips.
Blood Gang Member #1 (Male): We are CK Rydas because we're Bloods and kill Crips

Blood Gang Member #2 (Female): No shit, nigga.
by Black Knight July 16, 2015
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Damn nigga i'm gonna stick my digits in that robot.
by Black Knight August 29, 2003
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The act of sticking or pointing your wang at someone or something in a demeaning or disruptive manner.
Damn i would of made that shot if #23 was'nt trying to get his dillies-on.
by Black Knight September 11, 2003
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Short for shove it up your ass. If your not using it as an insult, your an idiot
Up yours you inbred cocksucking piece of dogshit.
by Black Knight August 2, 2004
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