the same as up yours but when you want to sound really ironic.
someone middle fingers you...
so you can say: "up yours pal!"
by Patrick Bailey Brazil October 3, 2007
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A catch-phrase from a UK television advert which advertises a new channel called 'Viva'.
It is a game: when someone calls you and says 'up your viva' you have to say it back wherever you are or whatever you're doing.
Guy: *calls girl*
Girl: Hello?
Guy: Up your Viva!
Girl: I'm in a meeting.
Guy: You know the rules! No exceptions, now up it!
Girl: Up your Viva.
Guy: Louder!
Girl: Up your Viva!!
by LexieLove November 1, 2009
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An unpleasant object shoved up places they do not belong.
Up your Jaffe, Jordan.

Jordan, I hope you shove that soccer ball up your Jaffe.
by Juday April 29, 2006
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