Means, "right in line with your tastes and/or abilities."

Sometimes "down your alley." Means the same thing.

No connection with "up your (anything else)."
If you're a numbers person, very precise, very logical, then cost accounting is right up your allwy.
by Chuck Hastings July 12, 2003
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Up Your Viva is off a UK television advert for a new music channel called 'Viva.' Up Your Viva is the catchy catchline that it is based on.

It is simply hilarious. Its vivalicous.
Guy 1: Ring Ring....

Guy 2: *sigh*

Guy 1: Hello Mate!!!

Guy 2: Hey ye,, hows it going u alright.. im in the toilet ok.

Guy 1: Urrr Gross!!! Now up it.

Guy 2: I'm not gonna say that here..

Guy 1: You know the rules now up it!..

Guy 2: up your viva.

Guy 1: I cant here ya!

Guy 2: Up Your Viva!

Guy 1: UP YOUR VIVA!!!

Guy 2: UP YoUR ViVA!!

Guy 1: Up your Vivalavidaloca!

Guy 2: Up your VivAA!!!

by VivaaaA October 28, 2009
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a shouted response to an insult. similar to up yours but stronger.
made immortal by the lyrics of the famous song:- "from stamford bridge to upton park" "stick your blue flag up your arse" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "from stamford bridge to upton park" ""stick your blue flag" "UP YOUR ARSE"
by theWestHamfan November 18, 2003
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Very simply put, 'up your bum' is the ultimate Australian toast. It's not meant literally ('stick it up your ass and rotate', more the opposite, much like the toast: "mud in your eye". Also, it is very important to say it the right way. If you go in 'half assed' with this toast, you'll get strange looks (as an American friend of mine found out, when I recommended him to try it Queensland). Say it with a little confidence and a smile, but don't be aggressive - that's not the right way to go about things in the broad brown land of oz. Most of all - enjoy this toast with a large, cold sparkling amber beverage under the Aussie sky with a good mate.
(At the pub)
Andy: Cheers big ears!
Toddles: Up your bum!
(both take a very hefty swig, exhale loudly and exude a happiness unknown to those not sitting with you at that moment ;-)
by AndrewO May 5, 2006
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A term used to indicate discontent or dislike for the person engaging you in conversation.
Nick: Top of the morning to you.

Mr. King: Up your swiss.
by Steve Pecorini September 26, 2010
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To tell another person that you dont agree with their opinion
My housemate gave us back the binbags that he hid for 2-3 days for no fuckin reason.... "you can shove ur fuckin binbags up your arse! cha cha, you can shove ur fuckin binbags up your arse, cha cha....u can shove yer fuckin..."
by therealjag October 19, 2008
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To become less lame.
Boy 1: "I love Avatar so much I went to the midnight showing, bought the bedset, and I bought the costume for Halloween too!"
Boy 2: "Dude, we need to up your cool..."
by 559987654 April 7, 2010
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