i cant shag our lass tonight she is up on bricks
by ay_up July 14, 2005
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Usually the status of all the cars in a mexicans front yard. Usually up on bricks when all 4 wheels are missing.
Beto: "Hey Chacho...you still got dat Cutlas and dat one Impala?"

Chacho: "Yeah fool, but they all be up on bricks"

by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
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The process of making a brick of drugs.
"Aye nigga whatchu doin over there on the stove?"
"I'm whippin up a brick my nigga duh."
by Gbe_Macwithdacheese November 14, 2013
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Jim: hahahahahahsksksksksksk I took your ps controller hahahahhadkskskkskksk

by I hate bricks August 27, 2019
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When you are shooting in basketball and you keep missing and air balling and clunking it off the rim.
Awe man I'm throwing up bricks from the three point today!
by Swish4days November 7, 2015
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