The act of fucking something so ugly that it damages your reputation.
After Jim got caught clunking with Sandra none of the girls in school ever dated him again.

I got caught clunking that fat bitch Amy. Now all the clunkers come to me for the D.
by Jessejar December 15, 2017
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girl why your clunk clunk be all dug up?
by crackernutz September 28, 2006
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Verb - The process of checking in and immediately checking out a document saved in the Desksite document management system - so as to ensure collegues can access your latest contributions.
"Hey, I just clunked that document, so you can rip it to pieces and create more work for me now."
by sleepless221 February 5, 2010
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The art of getting as drunk as humanly possible so that your ability to speak, interact and co-ordinate suddenly escape you.

Once Clunked, a person will often only be able to smile in an abnormal way, place hands in one's pockets, fall over continuously and become excessively offensive.
What's up with Luke? I think he's clunked again? Oh Jesus!
by drg2011aaa June 19, 2011
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(Adj): The act of getting drunk in a classy manner. A cousin of Crunk and opposite of Trunk.
Person 1: How'd the party go last night?

Person 2: It was great! We had wine, champagne, and smelly cheese. We were getting real Clunk until the birthday girl let someone write Cumdumpster on her leg.
by SameNameNewFace March 10, 2010
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A group of nerds.
"What's that over there ?"
"Oh its a Clunk of nerds)
by Pncakss December 9, 2018
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