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A Canadian slang word for methamphetamine which became highly popular in Southern Ontario.
Person 1 "Yo, you want some jib?"

Person 2 "Sorry, I don't do that stuff."
by mapleraver November 07, 2013
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Jib is a word that can be used in place of any noun or idea in the event that using the actual word for the noun or idea is inconvenient or undesired for any reason.
Did you get the jib I asked for? Yeah, I put it on the list and I got it at Von's today.
by Unique Nuyorkque December 04, 2012
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Verb. To jib. Jibbing. The act of manuvering a bicycle, skateboard, snowboard or skis in tricky manner on top of and around a structure such as a stump, rocks, stairs, railigs, rooftops, etc. When you are playing around, showing off, jumping, flipping, hopping, etc you are jibbing.
Biker: Lets go jib on the steps at the library.

Skier: We were jibbin' all over the terrain park saturday.
by Scott February 23, 2004
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Your teeth, but can be used to refer to any of the general visible mouth area.
"Crack you in the jibs, if you ain't careful" , "You better watch your mouth 'cause you about to get busted in the jibs"
by bigchino June 02, 2006
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Starting in York, PA, the word JIB was created by college students in order to hide a nicotine device name from their RA's in their dormitories. It is a slang term that was originally used to disguise the popular device known as the "Juul". It had then starting to expand to every nicotine device also known as "Sourin", the "breeze", and other nicotine devices of that sort.
The RA's are coming! Put your jib away!
Hey, can you put my jib on the charger, but keep it hidden.
by bubzsmokes September 18, 2018
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