A Canadian slang word for methamphetamine which became highly popular in Southern Ontario.
Person 1 "Yo, you want some jib?"

Person 2 "Sorry, I don't do that stuff."
by mapleraver November 8, 2013
Jib is a word that can be used in place of any noun or idea in the event that using the actual word for the noun or idea is inconvenient or undesired for any reason.
Did you get the jib I asked for? Yeah, I put it on the list and I got it at Von's today.
by Unique Nuyorkque December 4, 2012
A weird kind of ‘pout’ also known as pulling an ugly or funny face expression. It’s normally the expression you pull when you’re confused, being sarcastic or disagree with something.
‘You’re pulling a real jib there.’
‘That’s an ugly jib.’
‘You don’t half pull some jibs!’
by AJC352 February 10, 2019
Jib is an Irish slang term for sperm or cum. Depending on the context of a speech, it may also refer to when a person is talking shit.
(1) You have a jib-stain on your pants.
(2) I don't like the jib coming out of your mouth Jimmy.
by Fatterry November 4, 2017
Can mean literally anything but its mostly used in a negative context. Though some people say it means jew, the true definition is unknown
by Gilliams June 8, 2022
To accquire a form of public or private hire transport for free
"Bollocks, it would seem that a night out in bury wasnt the best of plans, i have no money to return home"
" Fuck me, you badmong, we'll jib a taxi"

"How do suggest we get to the grand valley of altrincham?"
"Dunno, Jib the met? Its only 18 stops"

by Mr.EJones December 22, 2008
A rail or Box used to preform tricks on by snowboarders
Did you see me slide that jib?
Check out that kinked jib.
by Duke Lucifur June 9, 2006