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Pornographic Japanese anime
When Chris isn't spending weekends dressing up as his favourite anime character at conventions, he stays home and wanks it to Japornime.

by Jachobim June 25, 2007
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Originally coined as a term to describe the act of illegally obtaining cable or satellite services, the term 'skanking my feed' is suitable for any situation wherein someone is ripping you off, cheating on you or just generally stealing your thunder.
"I can't believe Latisha was creeping up on the come up on my man like that! Bitch is trying to skank my feed!"

"Dude c'mon, quit skanking my feed and get your own stash!"

by Jachobim November 09, 2006
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To work yourself into the proximity of your desired subject with the sole purpose of shamelessly hitting on them. Said subject is usually aware of your stalking and may be seen rolling her eyes and muttering, Lord, he is creeping up on the come up AGAIN!'
Ok, ladies, stick together. Keep an eye out for nerdlingers trying to creep up on the come up!

When they first met, he thought she was just creeping up on the come up but as it turned out she wasn't skeevy like that at all.
by Jachobim November 27, 2006
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