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I ne'er tell my van driver how to go unless there's a detour.
by Jesse Corey January 11, 2012
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A kinder phrase to the most offensive when labeling those of African-American descent.
Confused Cracker: "Awww shitttttt Tyrronnee, wud up mah NEEEEEEER"

Man of African-American Descent (a.k.a Neer): "Cracka' ass bitch, who da hell u callin' a Neer"
by Missuh Cracka' September 28, 2013
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There's 1.4 grams of protein in this neer? No wonder it tastes like I'm drinking a pork chop!
by Mark Tomczak January 19, 2010
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An adjective to describe someone or something that is obviously trying to look or sound bad ass. This is commonly used when describing music; particularly shitty Metal. This word can also be used as an interjection when one bares witness to something Neer. When used as an interjection, this word is to be said with power behind it like, " NEEEEERR" with an annoying voice.
Example 1: New Metallica is Neer.

Example 2: "Oh my god, look at this Korn music video... NEEER!"
by Mandalore96 October 12, 2011
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hot to tease....easy to dirty comments which to her seem innocent and prolly mean it sups :P blonde brown funny confusing girl :)
by Mr. KnowsNeer June 02, 2008
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a pro noun used to replace 'never' in a sentance, usually said in a derogitary way or similar to the sound of an aeroplane going past.
Im neer going to see you again Charlie... NEER!
by MANTDA February 17, 2010
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A word some boys and very wimpy men tend to screech when ejaculating after three minutes of fucking raw

Sex Doll: .........

B/WM: 35 seconds! That's a new record!!

Sex Doll: .........

B/WM: I fUcK rAw!!?!1!1!2!1!!!!1!
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by Chicks In Soup September 03, 2018
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