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un·un·der·stand·a·ble {uhn-uhn-der-stan-duh-buhl}
incapable of being understood, failing to be understood correctly.
{derived from that of Michael Scott; see misunderstood}

"Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool, because they are ununderstandable." -Michael Scott
by absofruitly February 10, 2008
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1) Preposterously insane.
It can mean something that is insane beyond someone's wildest imagination, to the point that it becomes contrary to reason or common sense.

2) Something that is really hard to understand, which has to be repeated twice, or thrice before one fully comprehends it. (It can't be over 7 times, otherwise it would be: Unununderstandable.)

3) Something that is unacceptable, and intolerable (esp. by whole societies, or religions.)
1: “Hey, Steve. Why is six afraid of seven?”
“I don't know, Tim McGomnrey. WHY is six afraid of seven?”
“Cuz 7 8 9. Haha..”
2: “And this is why Americans like potatoes.”
“Professor, can you repeat that last part 3 more times?”
*The professor literally repeats it 3 more times*
“It's still ununderstandable, professor!”
“Get the &$@% out you little piece of #%£¥!!”
3: “I said I wanted a decaf! This is NOT a decaf! This is irregularly ununderstandable on so many levels, you are ALL fired!!”
by Mr. Padwan. September 30, 2012
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