A northern virginia term for good marijuana, typically rolled in a blunt, and used when referencing imminent smoking.
You: Dude i'm bored as shit.
Me: Ble?
by _G- May 10, 2007
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Uncool chick: I'm flunking algebra, FML.

Cool chick: I studied hard and now I'm winning! BLE!
by ick5521 December 7, 2011
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Best Lover Ever - Person A : so how was it with "Name" . Person B: It was amazing possibly even BLE.
Person A: It was so amazing being with them they had to be the BLE
by ShineingDark December 2, 2018
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Damn maggie has such BLE, all the girls fawn over her.
by sucks dick for fun July 24, 2019
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Pulling out at last second and BLE , hair, face, stomach. You better accept my first offer or might come BLE in your office or home
by ShineingDark December 2, 2018
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BLE or big LOSER energy. Bringing back the best insult ever: loser. Unlike unattractive or unintelligent where you can obviously show you’re actually hot or smart- you can’t deny being a loser, there’s no way to defend yourself in saying that you’re not a loser or show any proof that you’re not a loser. Someone has BLE when they are a straight up f*cking loser.
Courtney: “Wow this guy I went on a date with took me to his house, walked me home, and then never texted back- what a loser.”

Hayley: “He has BLE!”
by TheCaroline November 23, 2021
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