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to take things out of one's suitcase and put them in their proper locations. normal people do this. procrastinators do not.
I should be unpacking
by AmandaLynn88 June 16, 2008
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The evil ritualistic application of exhaustingly undoing what you spent hours, days, weeks doing. The process that follows packing and is a part of moving. In this process procrastination, stress, annoyance,and anger run rampant. The activity during which one curses boxes, tape, sharpies, and movers. The only activity in which a new start may involve murdering someone.
Forget throwing away those boxes, I can use them to cart away the bodies of all the people who didn't help me with unpacking!
by Peyton Elizabeth May 09, 2009
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To engage in the act of knocking boots ... A discrete way of saying ... "we are f**king" or in more polite terms, having sex.
Me and my girl were doing some serious unpacking last night.
by unpacker February 03, 2010
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