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Unibomb is a drop shot of Unicum in a glass of Redbull. Invented in Canada by an expatriate of the great Kingdom of Hungary.
Ernie: Hey let's do Unibombs
John: Sure...
Ernie: You've been Unibombed!!
by hard liqour rules August 27, 2019
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An energy drink consisting of Red Bull and Uni Vera, experia concentrate (a health supplement drink). First invented at an office in Bergen County, NJ. Name derived from the popular drink, "Jagerbomb".
Jen: Hey, I'm really tired and feeling sluggish.
Bill: Me too. Let's have Ed mix us up some uni-bombs.
Ed: I'm down with that. Let's whack down some uni-bombs and go into a berry induced rage.
Chris: Last night I gave Kentucky Knobs to the entire Rugby team and I am really tired, give me a uni-bomb too.
by Mill Bore July 10, 2008
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The bombing of a secondary school by a whacko, with bad hair, living in a shed.
Remember boys and girls, you shouldn't unibomb.`
by Eric May 04, 2004
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