A male erection. Used a lot in Glasgow, 1980's.
The teacher called Little Johnny to go up to the blackboard. Little Johnny refused because he was taking a raging stonner.
by Big Bobo March 18, 2003
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A pork sausage wrapped in a doner kebab, soaked in batter and then deep fried.

1000 calories with 46g of fat including a portion of chips (£3), 'the most dangerous supper in Scotland' is the creation of Saei Sangag, owner of a chip shop on Glasgow's Old Dumbarton Road, who says he got the name from Chewin' the Fat, a cult Scottish comedy. 'I wondered if the name was a bit risky but most people think it's great... it's flying out of the fryers.'
Interviewed by Canadian radio and broadcast throughout North America, Sangag said he keeps an advert in his window that reads: 'Due to severe health danger of this fine dish we can only supply one Stonner supper per customer per week'.
by Quiksilv August 11, 2004
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when your dick is too soft to get it inside a woman but you still manage somehow.you then work it into a hardon
too much drinking last night so when i tried to hump her i had to give her a stonner kebab
by droneblackdevil January 24, 2007
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Open minded talk and a lot of confused shit
'Stonner talk'.Going into extreme details and ofen side traking into other subjects. And lots of story telling.
by Lukeperrymagic April 14, 2018
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A relationship ship name that includes George and a boy
by #stonner February 22, 2016
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Stonner fingers are when. You have had your turn on the biff and go to pass it but drop it and creates a mass panic an you say
Get it stonner fingers “
by Stayout March 15, 2019
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