Online gaming shorthand for "are you mad?" Used as a taunt after pwning an enemy or messing with someone.
Red player: "I can't believe you just killed me with one hit! Are you cheating?"

Blue player: "umad?"
by Holy Simon!!! May 22, 2010
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Used in Online Gaming especially any kind of FPS. Specifically, a taunt, designed to incite rage. Mostly for lulz.

A form of gaming trolling with the intent to anger another player into behaving childishly. Esp. with the intent to get them to Ragequit.
N00bx69: omfg god! ufggt! dude fcking totaly haks! wtf u lagging peice of shit! u so chep u damn noob id fucking pwn u if u wernt fckin cheating!

Yourmom: umad?

N00bx69: fuck u fggt!

N00bx69 has disconnected

Yourmom: hemad
by CommandoDude September 27, 2010
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a filthy, lying, deceitful little bastard with a bad attitude, a mouth like a sewer and a cock which refuses to rise, see also cunt
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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a man who bothers mothers
that umad won't leave my mama alone, the cunt
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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asking people over again if they're UMAD?
It makes people angry.
It was made by deefizzy on youtube.
omg im so happy
by samanthalol May 28, 2009
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1) getting muted since birth
2) raging at everything in life
3) angry all day, every day
Zak May, uMAD
by Jizzboro March 10, 2011
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A great way to make a mad bro even madder. Used when anger is obvious, to trigger rage for personal amusement.
Random Drunk Guy: Who the f**k do you think you are dancing with my girl
Awesome Guy: Umad bro?
Random Drunk Guy: IMMA F**KN ...
by Makro3922 November 17, 2010
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