A way of saying "can u not" but not in a mainstream conformist way.
(gets slaped)

can u dont u lil shit??
by BEN THE BEAR 07 December 5, 2018
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A sweet nanny goat a go run mi belly or ballet. String up supm clupm, strunnin, strummin, struggle and ease-up, blow-up and open these obstacle tentacles! Da bucky master izz dawta agony. WH'APPEN?
Coo pon dat bwoy! Hitey-Titey younghi pickney goes yaga yaga. We hafu yammin gaan to bed!". Yuh ina big fuckery.
The baggy bashment mek we dweet. Gwan hoon maas. Mi milkshake izz di bling bling but from yuh sind di hot legs. Tek it to dem. Mi cheeks pinta shawty dangerous. Naww dawg. Yer blad im movin! Gwey guzoo. Fling it up and and ring mi man undie da Martini Moon. Bunks Mi Res
Can U Dance? potwah, liquor, dance, pleaz dunnoh touch mi haffa say so much
by Martini Moon December 6, 2008
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A way to call an asshole (usually a girl) a cunt.
*a girl says a asshole remark to a girl*
Girl: Can U Not Talk.
by MTGGeek August 9, 2011
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Pronounced in a only northern chav/scally accent.
A phrase used only by two types of people.
It can be screamed by F-16 pilots, instead of the customary "booyaa", while flying 2 meters above crowded pedestrian areas.
It is also screamed by Parson cross chavs, from the drivers window of red honda civic type-r as they speed past inferior cars(EG bugatti veyrons, saxos, corsas &/or hyundias).
Ppptttttccccccchhhhhh!!!!!!, can-u-ere-the-v-tec?
by thurcroftdave May 7, 2006
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Used to tell someone that you aren’t going to do it but “u can”.
Person 1) I’m going to math class.

Pearson 2) U CAN!
by Ikenna.BLACK June 20, 2019
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its a meme thats popular on a game called Age Of Empire II: Definitive Edition
the phrase means "you can do it", firstly introduced by Vivi aka Fat_Dragon on a team match with TheViper
TheViper got rainbowed on his base

TheViper: "I'm ded, wheres my teammate??"
Vivi: "U CAN OK"
by blvrry666face April 28, 2021
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