Vivi means to live. To be alive. Full of life and adventure. Vivi's are one of a kind, trust me, you'll never find anyone else like her. They're normally very pale and have dark hair. The most beautiful eyes. She can do anything she puts her mind to. She can be shy at first, but let her relax and she will open up to you. Vivi's are super sassy, and it's a good thing because they will tell a bitch off for you if they have to. Vivi's often love the beach and love nature. Animals love her, especially cats. She always thinks before she speaks. When Vivi falls in love with someone, it's 70% because of their character, and 30% looks. She will go for the man she wants, and when she gets him, she'll give him all the love in the world. If you are in love with a Vivi, please marry her. Love and cherish this woman, because she's truly a blessing from God.
Man 1: hey man, I was wondering if I can date that one pretty friend of yours you're always with.
Man 2: vivi ? That's my girlfriend dude.

Man 1: oh. Can I smash?
by Thenut_cracker February 20, 2019
A Vivi is very different from all the girls you'll meet. If you meet one always try to have her before someone steals her from you. She's usually very smart and will often try to help you with you homework. She'll hug you often and has a good sense of humor. She's cute and hangs out with friends that might like her. So you'll need to know how to get her heart before someone else does. If she's into you, you are the luckiest ass in the world. You can fall in love with her.

Guy 1: Hey, do you know what Vivi likes?
Guy 2: I think she likes funnel cake, take her to that coffee shop downtown...
Guy 1: ^_^

Ex. 2

Guy 1: Can I borrow your notes for history? Sorry.
Vivi: ^_^ That's okay, just give them back to me in 3rd period.

Ex. 3

Guy 1: So let me drop you off at the steps ... Here you go
Vivi: *Hugs* Thank you...
Guy 1: O_O ... *hugs back*
Vivi: Okay see ya later
Guy 1: ...Bye
by Spinningdabottle February 12, 2011
A short asian girl with amazing drawing abilities and a short temper
Yo is that vivi?

Yea i think so she redrew the mona lisa yesterday
by Imonly21 August 15, 2019
a four year old three foot tall independent little black mage the coolest one and is by far my favorite character in FFIX.
Vivi kicks ass!!!!!!
by Isaac Tribal November 12, 2004
A selfish, bitchy, and diva Bichon Frise. The owner is none other than Oh Sehun from nations pick Exo of South Korea.
Oh Sehun: “Hey Vivi, Look at me.”
Oh Sehun. “Vivi please listen to me and I’ll give you a treat. WHY DONT YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME VIVI I AM YOUR OWNER!”
by Jshdfndjns March 22, 2018