derogatory term for security guards... from 5-0 (slang for police)
Two-five kicked me outta the food court for NO REASON, yo.
by TC September 26, 2003
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1.Twenty-five dollars worth of THC, marijuana, or wacky weed (australian)
mate i got a two-five lets chop it n smoke it up
by S@m November 11, 2004
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traitor, to betray, two faced

although the origin of this phrase is unknow it's widely recognised within the chinese urban community
two five is for life
by hmmm..... May 16, 2006
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50 Cents cousin Two-Five (two Five)
also known as continental and 25 Cent

way better than 50 cent
Yo did u hear that new song by Two Five

"My Block"
by Shady Narcotics October 03, 2007
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Traitor; betray; two faced

It is not known where this phrase originated, but is widely recognised within the chinese urban community.
2 5 (two five) - Traitor; betray; two faced

For reference watch the Hong Kong blockbuster trilogy films of Infernal Affairs I/II/III
by bollox May 15, 2006
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A word of Belizean Kriol English origin meaning friends.
"Me and My Bwai da Two-Fives"
Me and my boy are friends
by Akkz July 23, 2005
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To be repeatedly cheated on by young man with an insatiable appetite for chips and to be none the wiser because you are a dumb bitch
Female 1: Girl, why you got all these chip crumbs in your bed.
Female 2: Oh my boyfriend was here last night.
Female 1: Where is he I want to meet him.
Female 2: He doesn't live here.
Female 1: Girl, you gettin two fived.
by CizzyMonster August 06, 2010
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