A girl with a hot body but such a hideous face that in order to do her you have to put two bags over her head - one to cover her face and the other one, in case the first one falls off.
From behind, she looked hot, but when she turned around and we saw her face, we realized she was total two bagger.
by Michelle Bbb June 20, 2006
when you are having sex with a real ugly person and you need two bags, one for there head and one for yours incase there bag falls off
whow she's a two bagger
by hilly February 1, 2007
A girl so skanky, that if you even considered having sex with her, you would "double up" or use two condoms.
Stephanie's body looks good despite the fact she's a crack whore . She's definitely a double bagger!
by Nhale420 May 16, 2005
A chick that is so ugly that you not only have to put a bag over her head before you fuck her, you put a bag over your own head as insurance in case her bag comes off.
It was "ugly lady night" at the bar last night and I brought a Two-bagger home with me.
by Crassanova August 28, 2003
a prospective sexual partner, who, in order to enter a sexual encounter with them, you must not only put a bag over their head, but over your own in case their's falls off.
the only single people I meet are all either ten-pinters or two-baggers!
by Borne February 12, 2006
A slang term for running miles. Instead of “I did a two miler today”, it’s I did a “two bagger”.
Running is not fun. It is work. And it’s what we do. We put miles in the bag each day, each week. So when you hit a 2 miler, you’re getting a two-bagger. Constantly putting more miles in your bag. Get it done.

Side note: walking can count too. If you and a friend meet up for a 2 mile walk, you got a two-bagger in. 3 miles = 3 bagger.

If you’re bold enough to get 5 miles, that’s a a 5 bagger.
Dave: Hey bro, you wanna grab a quick two bagger after work?
Cheese: Yeah man, I’ll meet you at MLK at 5:02 and let’s do work.
Dave: Word. I wanna get a sweat in before I head home to the boo.
by Dubya The Runner March 12, 2022