80 definitions by ace

1) operational concept description.
2) a bullshit paper assignment for graduate software management courses.
3) a list of stakeholders, the current system, and proposed system.
4) a paper which no one seems to really know anything about
the OCD is due tomorrow and you don't even know what it is!
by ace March 10, 2004
The act of relaxing through drinking rum, as opposed to simply lounging about.
What are you doing this weekend?

Just sitting around and rumaxing.
by ace December 3, 2004
the state of food when it is dry in your mouth
This bread is very claggy.
by ace November 4, 2003
1.Someone or something being of or looking like a monkey.

2. It can take the place of any other word.
1.You're such a monker.

2. Go monker yourself, or you're a shit monker.
by ace November 21, 2004
like a slampig, but for girls under 13
my little sister is big slampiglet
by ace April 14, 2004
The pilgrims and indians traded expressions with wine, whiskey and a piece pipe.
noun: to be drunk, high, lifted, cocked, gassed, pissed, blazed, rocked, stuck, mangled, stoned, hammered, chink eyed, crushed, blasted, junk, banged-up, intoxicated, innebriated, or luggage.
I drank a 40, took a bong hit and smoked an L on the way to work today. How yeed? So YEED!
by ace January 6, 2005