A chick so nasty ugly that you have to put two bags over her head during sex just in case she chews through the first one.
My roommate usually only lands two-baggers
by Shih Ninja May 28, 2004
The name for getting two consecutive strikes in bowling. Usually called a "double", the term two-bagger has risen in prominence. It is based on the idea of the "four-bagger", but is used for 2 strikes instead of four.
Holy shit, I just bowled a two-bagger, and you only bowled one spare! Suck on that.

#two-bagger #bowling #strike #teabag #teabagging
by Brawnsteen Bearman June 14, 2016
A very repulsive woman. An ugly ho. A girl you need 2 paper bags on her head, in case the first one falls off.
My God, man! The Troylet you were talking to is a real two-bagger!
by irekev September 4, 2005
A woman who is *so* ugly, you'd put two bags over her head when having sex, in case one ripped or fell off.

See bagger.
Man, she's a *real* two-bagger...
by bertie wooster January 6, 2006
A chick so ugly that in order to have sex with her, you need two paper bags - one for her, and one for yourself in case hers falls of..
Paper or plastic sir?

Paper. I'm going out with a Tennessee Two Bagger tonight.
by Chastro D September 28, 2007
Banging an ugly woman without having to look at OR listen to her and picturing a beautiful woman in her place. The two bagger and some tape involves tape for over her mouth so you don't hear her talking during the deed, a bag for over her head so you don't have to look at her, and a bag for over your head in case the one over hers breaks.
Dude, how did the date go with that annoying girl, who had the face that looked like an old shoe? Oh my god, she was not just a two bagger. She was a two bagger and some tape. She was so annoying to talk to, and so ugly, but I needed to get laid so bad that I simply put some tape over her mouth, put bags on both of our heads. I then did the deed while picturing young Pamela Anderson's tits and ass.
by Stagmen October 3, 2017
rounding the bases with two people in a single 24 hour period. three = three bagger, four = four bagger, etc.
I managed to swing a two bagger today! Next goal, a three bagger!
by snags12 August 27, 2017