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when someone gives you a red apple, then the said person makes you cup the apple. (referencing the cover of the book twilight)
I gave Mr. Witham a red apple and told him to cup it in his hands, then in a great uphoria i told him he just got "twilighted".
by The Kearns October 18, 2010
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The act of one man having rough anal sex with another. Based off of the perceived homosexually surrounding the characters in the movie twilight. In a non literal sense it can be used to mean screwed or fucked.
John: Dammit dude, stop spawn killing me.

Rick: Sorry man, how does it feel to get twilighted by a pro?
by theREALharryjones August 01, 2010
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to take something previously cool and/or dark and mass share/produce it and completely ruin the fun/coolness of it,
like taking a dark murderous creature like a vampire and throwing glitter on them and spreading them around the tween world. They twilighted the Konami code by spreading it around as the facebook trick and "omg it will totally work, if it does repost this!."
by tatertotpixie November 16, 2009
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As you most likely know, the movie twilight has become a teenage phenomanom (sp?)and on most social networking sites (like bebo, mysoace, facebook, ect) people have 'twilighted' their page. I.E Have a twilight profile photo, a twilight background, heaps of twilight apps ect. Quite common really.
"Omg, Have you seen (insert name here)'s profile?"
"I know, she/he has totally Twilighted it"
by Maddi? January 09, 2009
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When teenage girls discover love after seeing the Twilight series, and proceed to torment everyone on Facebook with their continual brooding about relationships
That girl twilighted this shit about me last night "raindrops on her cheek but the sky is dry"

"the silence isnt so bad 'til i look at my hands and feel sad 'cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly:\\ ♥" -damn she is twilighted
by starbooty2 March 21, 2010
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when one receives massive, deep, intense bruising following a makeout session; receiving dark hickeys that would cause one to believe a vampire attempted to suck your blood.
Why is she wearing a scarf in the middle of July? She must've gotten twilighted.
by FunnyGirl221 April 22, 2011
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When a book of high popularity is adapted into a film but is only regarded as a good film by those who liked the original book and is regarded as terrible by everyone else. The film likely would also include a large amount of, in retrospect, unwarranted hype.
"I loved that book and the movie was all I dreamed it would be."

"What are you talking about? They completely twilighted that movie!"
by Return of MGP November 27, 2008
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