Come see me

This is code to the layin lowers who may not be @ liberty to talk that much via voice or text, a private message meaning, "it's all clear on my end, pop over if you can" to which" 432go "is the acceptance response, and "432no "means you can't make it happen
Via text:

Jen: 432 ( means I wanna see you so bad, pop tf over boo)
Kody:432go (means it's a go imma make this happen mommy )
by Jendecided May 8, 2021
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a bad ass number, made famous by Michael Jordan when he defeated the bad guys in Space Jam and the shouted, "432!"

it was awesome
Jesus: 432 is one of my favorite numbers
by Ghigklor January 15, 2008
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A universal hertz / hz that can improve your mood and make music sound alot clearer and heal the mind and soul. 🤍🕊
Person A: You heard that new uzi in 432 hz

Person B: Yea bro that shit sounds rad i was floating
by RealNibba25 January 31, 2021
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