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One of the primary languages spoken in Ghana (usually by the Akan).
Hey, I heard that Ghanaian guy speaking in Twi.
by sazzlefrazzle May 2, 2005
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Totally Wit It

to be willing to participate in something
You and yo girl wanna have a three way over at my crib? I'm totally wit it.
by Street's Disciple November 13, 2004
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Texting While Intoxicated. A newer version of drunk dialing. TWI is the phenomenon that happens when your inhibitions are lowered by the use of alcohol and you boldly send a text to someone who, if sober, you otherwise would not have.
You receive a text past midnight from an ex that says, "You are still the hottest person I know." Your current partner reads it and says, "Well your ex just got another TWI."
by iamyou March 31, 2009
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Internet shorthand for "that's what I'm saying."

Meaning the person wholeheartedly agrees with the concept of the previous statement.

see that's what I'm saying
> He's gotten heavy.
> He needs to get his ass to the gym.
> twis!
by tojified July 15, 2009
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This is the acronym for "That's What I Said." Instead of saying, "That's What She Said" this works in instances where you have said the saying.
"Are you coming?"
by VCRonna January 30, 2010
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Even though i ralphed all over the floor, that last shot was TWI!
by Chillw1nston November 16, 2014
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