Ghanaians are the most sweet and caring people to have come out of west africa(facts). Don’t mess with them though they are all related to each other and are not scared of anyone
Oh rah he’s Ghanaian don’t vex him though he probably has half of Ghana on speed dial
by RealTalkgg March 29, 2020
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Pengest most loyal, God fearing people you will ever meet. If they are half Ghanaian then they are aight but full Ghanaians are actually they Pengest with the most banging personalities. Pengest Jollof.
A:Mann I met this girl who's ghanaian I honestly think she's wife
B:she must be a sweet one styl
by Ghanagals December 27, 2018
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One of the best African countries, located in the West of Africa. With the natural resources such upas cocoa beans and bananas. Usually transported and traded to the Uk
Have the best jollof rice no 🧢
“I went to Ghana ,the Ghanaians there are amazing🇬🇭,in the summer holidays. Best experience ever”
by Ghana and Nigerian lover January 25, 2020
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Prettiest west Africans around😮 💨🤚🏾
Dang she leng

She must be a Ghanaian girls 😍
by Mugshdkgcdgusudc March 17, 2022
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The best but worse mix at the Same time

Davina’s Ghanaian & Nigerian but she still vibin and she so leng

And she my best friend
So yhhhh 🔥
Dannnggg is she Ghanaian and Nigerian

Yh man 😍
by Mugshdkgcdgusudc March 17, 2022
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(alias G.S.T) Ghanaians throwing parties and everyone shows up 1-4 hours after a party has started.
Felicia: "My party started 3 hours ago where's everyone?"
Peter: "You know how Ghanaian Standard Time works!"
by sazzlefrazzle December 10, 2005
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